Read below to see which will be most effective for you!

Aloe 22 – chronic intestinal infestations; constipation​

Artestatin – protozoan infection; acute intestinal infestations with diarrhea​

Chzyme – improves food assimilation; prevents stagnation, nausea, motion sickness; food poisoning​

Clear Phlegm – nausea, vomiting; clears stomach phlegm (food stagnation) and dampness; clears gallbladder heat

Colostroplex – damp heat; diarrhea; bacterial infections in the digestive tract​

Ease 2 – chronic gastrointestinal tension; diarrhea; disharmony of liver and stomach​

Enteromend – facilitates digestion​

Escape Restraint – fullness; belching; anxiety; stomach stagnation of Qi and phlegm​

Gentle Senna – acute constipation

Pomexcellent – parasites; cooling formula​

Quiet Digestion – food stagnation; nausea; intestinal flu with diarrhea; food poisoning; motion sickness; clears stomach phlegm​ (food stagnation)

Shen Ling – diarrhea; loss of appetite; drains dampness and tonifies spleen​

Six Gentlemen – warming formula; digestive disorders and phlegm due to spleen dampness and deficient qi​

Source Qi – sinking Qi; diarrhea; loss of appetite; strengthens spleen/stomach; increases digestion; astringes the fluids

Stomach Caps – chronic gastritis; motion sickness; nausea; vomiting; clears stomach phlegm (food stagnation) and dampness​

Woman’s Balance – with Clear Phlegm for spleen qi deficiency; with Quiet Digestion for liver and stomach qi stagnation