Establish a Plug-Free Time

Speaking of sleep, you might be allowing your electronics to creep into those precious hours for rest. Try making the hour before bedtime an electronics-free time. During this time, focus on doing things that promote physical and mental health. You can soak in a warm bath, drink tea for better heart health, or read a real paperback book. Taking the time to get away from the screen gives your eyes and brain time to adjust to the fact that it is bedtime.

Rev Up Your Walks

Getting your heart in good shape is a critical part of a weight management plan. In addition to making sure that you eat enough garlic and other blood purifiers in your diet, you’ll want to get your heart rate up to get the nutrients pumping through your system. Most people simply walk too slow to do much good. While you want to keep your general abilities in mind, trying to walk a little faster can help you burn more calories and strengthen your heart.

Make Relationships a Priority

The past few years have been tough on relationships. While you might have had to spend time away from large gatherings over the past year or two, you might be feeling safer in 2022. Try to do at least one special social activity a week if possible. You might go hiking with your best friend on the weekend, or you can join a ballroom dancing class. Spending time around other people helps you to de-stress, and you can pick activities that are active so that you stay accountable for working in more movement every day.

Focus on Movement, Not Minutes

All of that moving around you do each day adds up. You should try to stick to an exercise routine that includes at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. However, you can also squeeze in some extra movement to burn more calories and strengthen your muscles. If you work at a desk, try getting up every half hour to do some stretches or triceps dips on your chair. Or, you can choose to park on the edge of the parking lot when you go shopping at the store. Here are a few fun ideas you can do during a few minutes of free time:

  • Do 10 arm circles in both directions
  • Do 20 calf raises
  • Do biceps curls with a canned good while you wait in line
  • Arm wrestle with your coworker
  • Dance to a song while you heat up water for your tea

Drink More Water

Most people don’t get enough water each day to stave off dehydration. You can use simple tricks for drinking more water, such as remembering to finish the glass after taking a sip when you take your daily vitamins and supplements. Water is also available in other sources such as tea and vegetables. Look for juicy fruits and vegetables at the grocery store that can help you increase your water intake as you eat.

Focus On Building Up Your Immune System

A healthy immune system helps you ward off illnesses such as the flu that can get your new year off to a bad start. You can start working on this healthy habit before the new year begins by washing your hands and practicing social distancing when you are around people at seasonal events. At home, taking immune system supplements is another simple way to keep your body ready to fight off germs.