Dr. Sinatra is my brother-in-law. He has decades of experience as a chiropractor, registered nurse, and acupuncturist. Over the past several years his practice is Functional Medicine, which looks more closely and more detailed at comprehensive Blood Tests. Then appropriate supplements for three months and then re-tested. I’m one case study and my numbers were out of the normal, and now I’m back in the normal!

So read his attached information and I assure you he gets the results!

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Richard Weissman, L.Ac.

Dr. Enzo Sinatra

Are you feeling scared, worried, concerned, isolated, stressed, fearful? These are all ve1y common emotions as we experience life in unfamiliar times and circumstances due to the pandemic of Coronavirus. The reality is that uncertainty is a given in human experience, but somehow, we are able to put that aside as we go about our daily lives filled with chores, duties, and responsibilities of daily living. Unfortunately, while practicing social distancing, we are faced with so many challenges that we cannot easily ignore or escape from. The most important of all of these, is the reality that we have to face our selves. Doing chores, watching TV, reading, or playing games can only go so far. As a friend of mine has reminded me in the past by saying: “wherever you go, there you are”.

MEDITATION – Find the guided video on YouTube under Dr Enzo Meditation Techniques

We are constantly having to face ourselves in these challenging times, and for some, it is not a welcomed opportunity. What I am suggesting is that you consider this: we have an unprecedented opportunity to become acquainted with ourselves in a way that can be transformative. Some people suffer from anxiety, depression, nervous disorders, or some debilitating disease. How can these challenges be met? What I am suggesting is that we try to settle down and not try to “fix” anything, but just look at what is going on with ourselves. In the past, this form of exercise was called ” present time consciousness”. Some called it meditation. Whatever we call it, it is an exercise in being with one’s self in a pure, unadulterated form, seeing life “as it is”, and not in some imagined or fanciful way. If I’m feeling anxious, I am summoning the courage to observe feeling anxious, nervous, tense, etc. All is the same- no judgement, criticism, or editorializing along the way.

An old meditation practice is this: whatever sensation or emotion I am feeling, I will label it such as: “I am thinking tension; I am thinking pain; I am thinking stress”. The fact is that all thoughts are impermanent. Everything is subject to change without notice. Yesterday I was happy and now I’m not; the stock market was up and now it is down; Nothing stays the same so, how do we deal with this? “Be here now,” was the saying by Ram Dass -easy to say, but challenging to do. Take 10 minutes everyday to just check in with yourself and see what is going on without any judgement.

Also, remember to breathe. When we are nervous, or upset, or stressed, our breath becomes shorter and quicker. As a result, our heart rate increases and our ability to think clearly decreases and our higher thinking center, the prefrontal cortex, becomes shut down and automatically brings us into fight-flight reality.

RELAXATION EXERCISE – Find the guided video on YouTube under Dr Enzo Breathing Techniques

Find a comfortable seated position and take 10 slow, deep breaths from your lower belly to middle chest and upper chest and reverse process as you exhale from upper to middle chest to belly .. You can also do alternate nostril breathing: Breathe in one nostril to the count of 4, hold your breath to the count of eight and exhale from opposite nostril to the count of 4. Do 6 -10 rounds of this as one round is use of each nostril once. If Stress levels are not handled with these exercises, there are whole food supplements available that can help.

If you are experiencing other health issues-Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Adult-onset Diabetes, Hormone problems, problems with sleep, etc., contact me at

DrEnzo@SinatraFamilyWellness.com, and let’s talk to see what can be done to maximize your health and well-being and minimize your suffering, naturally.


While my office is open during this time, I am also offering Telehealth sessions .. All that is required is for you to send me recent lab work or request a form to get lab work done .. Once reviewed, we will discuss my findings and get you well on your way to optimal health and well-being. Or, if you just need a little boost during these difficult times, I can send you some supplements to ease your stress and anxiety and even boost your immune system. Whatever your individual needs, I am here for you and your family.


One of the best things to do during this pandemic, along with social distancing, and diligent hand washing, is to boost your immune system. This will not give you immunity from Covid 19, nor cure it, but our bodies have a remarkable ability to keep us strong and healthy. Boosting this capacity can on ly help now and in the future. There are research-based, affordable organic, food-based products that are available through my office and website. If you haven’t already seen the film, Fantastic Fungi, I highly recommend it. Many varieties of mushrooms exist in nature and are valuable for our immune system. We offer a great product in capsule form that combines a few of the best varieties of immune boosting mushrooms. Just go to https://wellevate.me/vincenzo-sinatra and sign up to order MYCO Forte power mushrooms or contact me for more information. Also, visit my website for more interesting articles at www.sinatrafamilywellness.com.