Richard Weissman

Richard Weissman

Licensed Acupuncturist

Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Certified Massage Therapist in Tui Na

Richard A. Weissman has treated over 15,000 patients since 1998. While mostly private practice, 18 years in the East Bay included 6 years Kaiser Permanente Mt. Diablo Service Area, 8 years Hills Physicians Medical Group, and hundreds of Workers Compensation and VA cases. Now we’re in the Motherlode for the past 9 years.

Our Angels Camp office opened in May, 2014. We are with Workers Compensation, Veterans Administration and some insurance plans.  We begin with a comprehensive evaluation. The most common health issues we treat are chronic and acute pain, spine and joint issues, allergies, digestive and immune issues, anxiety and depression, woman’s issues, fatigue, stress issues and more.

Richard’s history includes teaching various classes at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, writing their Clinic Manual and teaching an elective class on Chinese Medicine at two medical schools. He has followed several Chinese Medicine professors from school, and studied Qi Gong from Dr. Suzanne Friedman. Richard took several years of classes in orthopedics and osteopathy from Dr. Alon Marcus and Dr. Fred Lerner. He followed an orthopedic surgeon Dr. Scott Taylor at the Summit Professional Building (Summit Hospital), who also referred him Workers Compensation cases. At Kaiser he worked with chronic pain, spine, and received referrals from neurology, rheumatology, internal medicine, GYN and oncology. He was invited to the quarterly meeting of Hill Physicians making a presentation to the MDs, and wrote for their quarterly magazine. In the East Bay he wrote monthly health articles for the Community Focus magazine. Now in the Motherlode, Richard receives Workers Compensation referrals from Northern California Spine and Job Care. Richard has also received referrals of difficult cases from several Motherlode medical doctors, and some of the doctors have even become patients!