I started acupuncture with Richard a year ago. The ongoing upward trend in my overall health has been nothing short of miraculous. I am profoundly grateful & hopeful that I will continue to reclaim my strength and vitality.

Anna W.

I started acupuncture with Dr. Weissman in 2014. At first, I had my doubts about acupuncture. I knew nothing about it. I was tired of prescribed medication and pain, so I made an appointment with Dr. Weissman. My first appointment was amazing! Dr. Weissman did a triage on me and shortly after, I received my first treatment. My first appointment was nice and soon after, my pain was gone. I currently do my best to see Dr. Weissman monthly for “maintenance”. Dr. Weissman is very knowledgeable, friendly and patient during all my visits. His staff always had a smile and are friendly and accommodating.

Ruben M.

I’ve been seeing Richard Weissman since January 2017 after a bad break on my knee joint and shin bone. Have had low back problems and allergies for a long time. The treatments from Richard have brought me incredible relief from pain. I also had a bad bunion on my right big toe which has shrunk considerably, making it much more comfortable to wear shoes. All in all, it’s been a wonderful experience with no pain meds needed.

Linda M.

I have found Richard/Acupuncture Wellness has been very health, mind and body healing. My knee and elbow have been improving. In addition, I am sleeping better and feeling like my emotional health is stronger. I feel I need to continue this in my life. THANK YOU, RICHARD!!

Ginger M.

I have had chronic muscle pain on one side of my back for years. I did physical therapy and nothing helped. After my 6th session with Richard, the benefits kicked in. When the muscle strain came back, I found I ‘bounced back’ quicker and the pain didn’t last for days as it had previously. Richard also gave me some exercises which would also alleviate the pain and allow me to continue to function normally. Totally thrilled with Richard and his miracles of acupuncture.

Rebecca D.

I have been coming to Acupuncture Wellness for treatment for nearly a year. I came initially for pain knee-tendon/ligament. Under Richard Weissman’s care, my knee problem got increasingly better. Today, I have no pain. Over the past months, I have also seen improvements and relief for other physical as well as emotional issues. Stress, grief over a loved ones loss, dermatitis, allergies, and help in healing pneumonia. I continue to come for treatments monthly as I feel acupuncture helps me maintain better quality of life. I much prefer the acupuncture treatments to taking medication and have recommended Mr. Weissman to friends and family. He and his staff have been extremely helpful.

Sandy F.

After my treatments, I feel significantly better for 2-24 hours. The duration of my improved feeling seems to depend on the degree of activity (walking only) I participate in after treatment. If I can wait 24 hours before walking or standing for significant periods (1 hour or more) the longer the benefit lasts. I also seem to get more improvement the closer together I can schedule my treatments.

Karalee C.

For many years I have utilized the benefits of acupuncture. For stomach issues, headache, back pain, leg cramps, the list goes on and on. I highly recommend Richard. He is very knowledgeable and easy going with his care and concern for his patients.

Lynn G.

It’s made a wonderful difference in my recovery from the stroke and hip operation and more. He listens and helps solve problems, which helps body and soul. I have been helped with manual dexterity, coordination, balance, general strength, digestive tract disorders, sinus problems and more. I think acupuncture is something everyone can benefit from.

Cris T.

My experience with acupuncture under the care and professionalism of R. Weissman L.Ac. Has given me back strength and hope for the future! I have been through many trials and treatments for the past 14 years. I had truly lost hope that I could possibly even work a part-time job. Richard has been more than a good listener and he encourages. His treatment is superb and lasting. I constantly encourage others who ask ‘What are you doing?‘ I am enjoying life with hope for a great end of life finale. Richard is flexible, patient, and a great listener. He know what he is doing and goes the extra mile!

Julie D.