(Noelle lost 200+lbs in 11 months)

Walking for health & weight lossThe world’s easiest form of exercise melts an incredible amount of fat—fast. There’s been lots of buzz lately about extreme workouts—but if you’re not keen on crawling through mud or scaling up walls, here’s good news: You can forget it all! Super intense exercise “is more likely to lead to injury or burnout than lasting weight loss,” says Jame Heskett, M.D., author of The Well Path. If getting slim is your goal, just walk.

Proof: Harvard research has revealed that walking flips genetic switches that make it easier for us to get lean. Plus, adds Dr. Heskett, “Walking lowers stress hormones and stimulates circulation—factors that prime the metabolism for weight loss.”

Walkers going at a comfortable pace burn 700% more fat than power walkers, according to an Arizona State University study. And Duke researchers found that easy walking plus a healthy diet helps us lose three times more weight than running.

Walkers automatically burn 100% more fat when they eat meals that keep blood pressure steady. Consume foods high in fiber, protein and healthy fats.

Above is taken from Woman’s World: September 24, 2018.

Traditional Chinese medicine has an interesting take on exercise. Overly vigorous physical activity is not generally recommended, for fear of depleting Qi or life force. General advice from the classic texts is to be moderately active for most of the day, in order to avoid Qi stasis and conserve energy, as well as using Qi building exercises such as Tai Chi or Qi Gong to improve health and vitality.

Stasis or blockage of Qi is the basis of many diseases, and can be caused by lack of movement. Being physically active is a wonderful way to resolve blockages and restore free flow of Qi so we can run on full reserves.