Why Maintenance Care is So Important

Most acupuncture patients are seeking treatment for a specific health issue—they are seeking “relief” from chronic headaches, treatment of a rotator cuff injury, managing menopause symptoms, unexplained infertility, etc. We focus the initial treatment phase on alleviating these symptoms and diseases for which the patient is seeking care. Symptoms start to improve and when they are 60-100% feeling better, we gradually space out acupuncture visits until the symptoms are completely resolved or at a manageable level.

Acupuncture Needles

Treatment plans will differ depending upon whether the condition is acute or chronic. In China they often begin treating daily. Here we realistically begin one to three times per week, and evaluate progress. In time frequency of treatment will decrease as we move from symptomatic to corrective to maintenance care.

Traditional Chinese Medicine—acupuncture, herbal therapy, nutrition, qi gong—focuses on health imbalances rather than just symptoms. It can be used as a truly preventative medicine. Many traditional medical systems have focused for thousands of years on the promotion of health and wellness, and what you can do to help PREVENT disease. As healthcare visits largely focus on symptoms (ie. the swelling is down, the cancer is gone, the wound has healed), healing and how to stay healthy should always be part of a treatment plan. Diet, exercise, and stress management are always factors.

Acupuncture as a therapy in Chinese Medicine, has its way of diagnosing what is out of balance. Take care now rather than wait for symptoms to come crashing down around us. Maintenance care is treatment to maintain health. Acupuncture sees symptoms as our body’s way of telling us we are out of balance. Are we over-energetic someplace, under-energetic another place; fluids are congested one place and dry another place; is blood flowing and nutritious? The tongue and pulses tell us a great deal about a person’s health. Staying healthy now is preventative for disease later!

Research shows acupuncture effective for digestive issues, high blood pressure, nervous system, hormone regulation, inflammation, connective tissue and muscles. Acupuncture relieves the body of stresses that impact our health. Acupuncture can play a role in helping our complex nervous system and chemistry to move toward getting back in balance.

Maintenance care should be a part of your goal for good health!